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eM Client is a desktop application for Microsoft Windows. Download it here.
The following is a step-by-step guide detailing the procedure to synchronize CalDAV data between Atmail and eM Client.

Step 1

    • Open eM Client.
    • In the toolbar, click then

Step 2

    • Click the  tab and then select
    • Click


Step 3

  • Locate your Calendar URL by clicking the    icon, adjacent to the Calendar you want to sync.


Step 4

    • The URL you will use to sync Atmail and Microsoft Outlook can be found under 'Server URL (iCal)'.


Step 5

    • 1. Enter the URL for your Calendar in the  box.
    • 2. Enter your Email Address in the  box.
    • 3. Enter the password for your Email Address in the box.
    • 4. Click the button.


Step 6

    • Enter a name for your Account in the box.
    • Click the button.


Step 7

    • Click the button to create your account.


Step 8

    • The Calendar you have synced with should now appear in the left pane of eM Client, ensure the Calendar is visible by ticking the check-box.

Congratulations, you have successfully synced your Calendar - Events should now automatically synchronize between Atmail and eM Client.
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