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Recent Space Activity

Atmail Planned Maintenance
EDIT: 15 April, 3 am Maintenance is over, everything should be back to normal Please note that Atmail Cloud will be offline due to planned maintenance to upgrade the firewall.  Webmail and imap will not be available, email will be held and delivered after the service has been resumed. The expected outage will be : 1am,... Read more »
Heartbleed OpenSSL Bug: Mitigation and Recovery
The Heartbleed bug is an issue within all versions of OpenSSL in the 1.0.1 series, up to 1.0.1f. This bug introduces a severe memory handling error that can open up up to 64Kb of the application’s memory – exposing sensitive data that can include sessions, private key information, and allowing attackers to eavesdrop on previously-secure... Read more »
Plugin contest winner’s week at Silicon Beach
Last year we launched a plugin contest with a fully paid trip as a reward for the winner. Martin, from Swedish company Pixelstore, was the lucky winner with a great plugin for the Status Board software. He joined us for a week during which he experienced the full Atmail’s way of life. Here are his... Read more »

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