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Recent Space Activity

Anti-spam improvement
Hi Cloud customers! Just a quick note to let you all know that in the coming days we are going to make some progressive changes in order to improve our anti-spam solution. This should not affect you in anyway but if you experience any issues with incoming email, please contact our support
Welcome Atmail 7.4
Atmail is pleased to announce the general availability of Atmail 7.4. This release includes many improvements that you have been asking for and it is now available for download in your client portal. Key features: Folder Manager Organizing your folder is now made easier with our new folder manager. You can access it by clicking on the... Read more »
Atmail 7.3.2 now available!
Atmail 7.3.2 is a maintenance release that contains multiple API and database schema improvements. There are also multiple performance optimisations. Please note that you MUST back up your database prior to applying this update. We cannot stress this strongly enough. This update includes multiple changes to the user tables and schema in the database. As a... Read more »

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